A Clear Explanation About Your Dental Insurance

A Clear Explanation About Your Dental Insurance

Attempting to understand your dental insurance policy might seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most patients struggle to navigate the terminology found in these plans and begin to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, our team at Everything Teeth Miami Family Dentist is here to remedy this problem. By allowing us to review your policy, we can help you make the right decisions about your oral health based on your needs and budget.

Clear Explanation About Your Dental Insurance

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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

When reviewing your plan, you will find there are three distinct categories that your insurance company will cover: preventive, minor restorative, and major restorative services. These can include everything from general checkups and cleanings to dental fillings, crowns, and even tooth extractions. Because these services are designed to improve your oral health, you can expect to receive full or partial assistance from your insurer when it comes to payment. However, cosmetic dental care is not likely to be covered because it is deemed an “elective” option.

What Does My Dental Insurance Cover?

Once we have a chance to review your plan, we can better explain what your dental insurance in Miami will and won’t cover, but you can gauge by looking at various policies that many of the same benefits are available:

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Dental Insurance Providers

Our In-Network Dental Insurance Providers

We are an insurance-friendly dental practice that is pleased to welcome all PPO dental insurance plans. If you’re unsure whether we will accept your policy, call our office and speak to a member of our team. We will work with you to maximize your benefits and help you save when it comes to your upcoming appointment. We’ll also file any claims on your behalf so that your visit is as stress-free as possible.