Choosing Veneers in Miami: How to Get Your Dream Smile

Women Selecting Veneer Colors With Smiles On Her Face
Looking to improve your smile? Veneers at Everything Teeth in Miami might be just what you need.These thin porcelain shells, applied by our skilled dental team, can fix various tooth issues and give you a confident smile. But to ensure that your veneers look natural and give you the smile you’re looking for,  you must select the correct ones. In this guide, we share our top advice for choosing veneers.

Assess Your Face Shape

To choose the right veneers for you, consider your face shape. Different face shapes suit different veneer types.

For example:

Select the Appropriate Color for Veneer Teeth

Avoid the most common mistake: choosing veneers that are so white they look unnatural. The truth is that you don’t necessarily need the whitest shade to get a radiant smile. Instead, you must consider your complexion and features to determine the correct shade. Those with darker features won’t need as white of veneers to get a bright, Hollywood look. Furthermore, if you’re only getting veneers on a few teeth, then you want them to match your natural teeth. We recommend whitening your teeth first and then choosing veneers that match that shade.

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Miami?

The cost of veneers depends on your unique set. The application method and material both play a role in the price.

We’ll evaluate your veneer needs and then provide you with a custom quote as well as information on payment options. Our team is dedicated to affordable dental services and helping you get your dream smile.

Schedule Your Veneer Consultation in Miami, FL

Get your dream smile today with veneers. Visit the cosmetic dental team at Everything Teeth to transform your smile today. 4 We’ll help you choose the right solution for your smile and your goals. Now is the time to get a more confident smile. Get started by scheduling your dental veneers in Miami.
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