Innovative Technologies, Long-Lasting Results

Embracing innovative and modern dental technologies is part of who we are as a dental practice. The evolution of these systems allows Dr. Omar and Dr. Diana to generate accurate results while producing precise treatment plans and long-lasting results. Each time you visit Everything Teeth Miami, Family Dentist, you can expect that we will incorporate these elements into your appointment so that we can deliver the kind of care you deserve. To learn more about our available dental technologies in Miami, read on below.

Dentist Examining Patient At Dental Clinic
Young Girl Receiving Dental Treatment Using Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras

With an intraoral camera, we can easily see areas of the mouth that are hard to view with the naked eye. This camera-tipped, handheld wand scans the mouth and projects the images onto a nearby computer screen. Not only does this allow for real-time viewing, but you can see exactly what it is that we see when looking inside your mouth. Here, we can show any problem areas and better explain why treatment is necessary.

Digital X-Rays

Emitting 80-90% less radiation than traditional radiographs, our digital X-rays serve as a high-quality diagnostic system that allows us to pinpoint problem areas early on. Capturing images of your teeth and gums, we can easily review the structure and positioning of various aspects of your smile while using these scans to produce precise treatment plans. Not to mention, we can retrieve these images much quicker as opposed to the hard copy X-rays used in the past.
Dentist Inspecting A Digital Dental X-ray
CBCT Scanner

CBCT Scanner

When planning for a more invasive and complex procedure, a CBCT Scanner can be a highly effective and beneficial tool. With an arm that rotates a full 360 degrees around your head, it takes hundreds of images of your oral and facial structures, including your teeth, gums, bones, nerves, and other nearby tissues. All the images are then combined to create a 3D model that makes it easy for us to better prepare your treatment plan. This is especially helpful for patients who require dental implant placement.

Digital Impression System

Cold, gag-worthy dental putty was once the only way to capture dental impressions. Now, there is an alternative that is much easier and more pleasant for the patient – digital impressions. Using this high-quality, technological device, we can easily scan your smile to produce a three-dimensional image. It is then projected onto a nearby screen so that we can make adjustments before sending it off to lab technicians who will fabricate your customized restoration.

Digital Impression System