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Children’s dental care sets up kids for a lifetime of good dental health.

Even before they get adult teeth, children face the same oral health risks for cavities and more. Lack of dental care can lead to a host of serious dental concerns that can follow kids to adulthood.

Children’s dentistry is all about keeping young patients’ smiles healthy, as well as teaching them how to care for their teeth.

Preventative dental care and dental education are pillars that every children’s dentist should adhere to. For an experienced, kind kids’ dentist in Miami, visit Everything Teeth Miami. We do everything we can to help kids enjoy their dental experience while also reducing their risk for cavities, gum disease, and more. Visit our children’s dental clinic today!

How to Prepare Kids for Dental Appointment

According to the American Dental Association, kids should have their first dental checkup by their first birthday. But bringing young kids to the dentist can be difficult. Dental offices have strange smells and noises that frighten many young children.

Here are a few tips to help prepare your child:

Practice opening the mouth wide at home.

Start at-home dental care early, even if it is a washcloth to pass over the baby’s gums.

Keep a positive attitude, as kids feed off adults’ emotions.

Read a children’s book about dental care.

Visit the dentist to meet the dental team before the first appointment.

Children’s Dental Care Services

Everything Teeth’s kids’ dental clinic in Miami provides complete children’s dental care services. A few of our most common treatments include:

Children’s dental cleanings and exams

Teeth cleanings to remove plaque and bacteria followed by a complete dental exam to assess oral health.

Oral healthcare education

Personalized recommendations for parents and children for improving at-home dental care.

Dental sealants

Some kids’ dental cleanings include dental sealants to protect the tooth from tooth decay.

Sports mouthguards

Sports injuries are a common dental concern for kids. We help them protect their smiles with custom sports mouthguards.

Visit Our Kids’ Dental Clinic in Miami

Early dental care helps keep kids’ teeth strong and healthy. But, understandably, the dentist’s office can be a scary place for kids. Everything Teeth Miami provides complete oral healthcare for children in a welcoming, fun environment. Our team has experience with children of all ages, and we do everything we can to help our young patients feel comfortable.

For kids’ dental care in Miami, visit Everything Teeth Miami. Schedule your appointment today!

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