Pro Tips for Root Canal Aftercare

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Root canal therapy preserves your natural smile by addressing damaged pulp.

It removes the damaged pulp to effectively relieve pain and promote your oral health.

Despite its minimally invasive nature and short recovery period, proper aftercare is essential for ensuring the success of the treatment.

Here are our expert tips on caring for your teeth after undergoing a root canal in Miami”

What to Do Right After Your Root Canal Treatment

You may experience some tenderness near the treatment site right after your procedure.

To avoid any issues, closely follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions. Avoid biting down on hard objects until you are fully pain-free. Manage any discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication and icing as needed.

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Brushing Teeth After a Root Canal

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is crucial following a root canal, even though it may seem a bit intimidating right after the procedure. Resume brushing and flossing on the same day as your treatment, but exercise caution around the treated area.

Follow-Up Appointment

Most often, you will return for a follow-up visit to install your permanent tooth crown or filling. Even if you completed the root canal in one visit, the dentist may recommend a follow-up to monitor healing.

Note that if you face any pain, swelling, or numbness persisting after 24 hours, you should contact us immediately.

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