Root Canal Treatment Duration and Lifespan

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Root canal therapy can sound like a scary procedure, but that’s no longer the case.

Furthermore, root canals are very important in addressing tooth pulp problems and preserving your natural tooth.

But how long will the treatment take?

Understanding how long a root canal procedure takes can help ease your worries. Another common concern is how long the results will last.

In this post, we explain how long the root canal procedure will take and how long the restoration will last.

Length of a Root Canal Treatment

Modern root canals are fairly quick. They take between 60 and 120 minutes most of the time. However, the case complexity and the condition of the tooth may affect the total time.

After your consultation, we’ll give you a personalized estimate of the treatment duration.

How Long Will the Root Canal Results Last?

To strengthen and protect your tooth, we often use a tooth crown following your root canal. Typically, this restoration lasts for around 10 to 15 years, provided you maintain good oral hygiene.

During your regular dental check-ups, our dentist will assess the condition of your root canal and advise you on when it’s time to replace the crown.

To ensure your root canal lasts for a long time, remember to floss daily, brush your teeth twice daily, and attend dental appointments twice a year.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment offers several advantages for your oral health:

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