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Gum disease treatment in Miami to restore your oral health.
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Many adults deal with gum disease. As a progressive oral health issue, gum disease worsens over time if left untreated. In its later stages, gum disease can affect your entire mouth, including bone structure and teeth. That’s why untreated gum disease can eventually cause permanent tooth loss.

If you’re dealing with bleeding gums in Miami, there’s no need to panic yet. The best step is to seek out immediate dental care. Early intervention can halt and even reverse minor gum disease. If you’re concerned about your gum health, visit Everything Teeth Miami to get your oral health back on track. We offer complete gum disease assessment and treatment services. Schedule your visit today.

Signs of Gum Disease

Bleeding gums is one of the most well-known signs of gum disease. While this is a surefire sign you have gum health issues, it’s one that shows up in the later stages of gum disease.

Identifying gingivitis is not always as obvious. If you aren’t trained to identify gum disease, it’s easy to miss at first. An experienced dentist has the best eye for identifying oral health issues, including gum disease. That’s why regular dental exams are so important.

Even so, you should still keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

Lingering bad breath.

Irritated, swollen, or red gums.

Extreme tooth sensitivity to cold and/or hot.

Bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away.

Pus along the gum line.

The 3 Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease is progressive and will worsen over time if it’s not treated. The three stages of gum disease are:


This is the first stage of gum disease, so it can be hard to identify. Plaque buildup along the gum line is one symptom. Gingivitis treatment can often reverse the effects of gum disease at this stage.


At this stage, gum inflammation starts to impact your dental bones, and can lead to bone loss. Treatment here can still stop disease progression and improve oral health.

Advanced Periodontitis:

In this last stage of gum disease, the symptoms are the most severe. Bone loss and loose teeth are common. Tooth extraction is often part of restoring oral health.

Gingivitis Treatment in Miami

Left untreated, gum disease may result in permanent tooth and bone loss. Early treatment is the best way to halt the progression of the disease and restore dental health.

For gum disease treatment in Miami, the knowledgeable team at Everything Teeth Miami is here to help. We offer complete dental care services, including gum disease treatment. No matter what your gum health concerns are, our experienced dentists can take care of your dental needs.

Schedule your appointment today for gingivitis treatment in Miami.

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